4 Reasons to Storing Your Marketing Data in a Warehouse

In case you’re in any way similar to 99% of advertisers, your SEO, publicizing, and showcasing information most likely despite everything lives in their own storehouses.

You have your web investigation information in Google Analytics and HubSpot, your SEO information in Moz, Ahrefs, SEMrush, or potentially Google Search Console, and your web based promoting information dispersed across Facebook, Google, Taboola, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and the various advertisement stages you happen to utilize.

Furthermore, when you’re looking at the exhibition of two Google Ads greeting pages, that is thoroughly fine. All things considered, you just need to pull information from Google Analytics and Google Ads to run that examination.

In any case, when you’re attempting to get an intensive comprehension of your showcasing spend and execution, you’re facing long periods of exhausting difficult work that includes blood, sweat, and a huge amount of duplicate/gluing.

Consider the possibility that we revealed to you that a showcasing information distribution center can spare you from all that.

Be that as it may, before we talk more on the why of promoting information stockrooms, we should rapidly take a gander at the what.

What Is a Marketing Data Warehouse Anyway?

Basically, an advertising information distribution center is a solitary goal for putting away and dissecting all your showcasing information.

An information stockroom can contain different databases and run simultaneous tasks in every one of them. That is the reason contrasted with databases, information distribution centers are considerably more appropriate for showcasing investigation.

The other bit of uplifting news is that with the presentation of distributed computing, showcasing information stockrooms have opened up – and moderate – to about each organization.

Furthermore, cloud-based information distribution center arrangements like Snowflake, Google BigQuery, Amazon Redshift, and Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics have made it workable for you to set up your own showcasing information stockroom in minutes.

Try not to Take Our Word for It

How might you profit by putting away the entirety of your information under one (stockroom) rooftop at that point?

Rather than simply posting all the advantages of advertising information distribution centers, how about we take a gander at Inseev Interactive, a boutique SEO and execution promoting office, and one of our clients.

Here are six reasons why you should take a page of Inseev Interactive’s book and move your showcasing information into an information distribution center this year.

Reason 1: Escape Copy/Paste Hell

Replicating information from the local investigation UIs of Moz, Search Console, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, and your dozen other showcasing stages just to glue the numbers into a spreadsheet is unpleasant.

An incredible inverse, really. It’s monotonous, tedious, and well… a tremendous misuse of your time.

Promoting information stockrooms and showcasing information pipelines like Supermetrics, then again, permit you to robotize the way toward moving information from sources A, B, C, and D to goal X.

No more duplicate/glue.

Not any more carpal passage.

As Eddie Zaldivar, Senior Director of Paid Media and Analytics from Inseev Interactive puts it, “Supermetrics has associations with all the stages we need and it offers simple to utilize outlines directly out of the container.”

Reason 2: Say ‘See Ya!’ to Spreadsheets’ Limited Capacity

The fundamental motivation behind why Eddie and his group at Inseev chose to begin putting away their promoting information in an information distribution center was that their Excel sheets were blasting at the creases.

Try not to misunderstand us, we despite everything love spreadsheets here at Supermetrics. In any case, in case we’re by and large totally legit with you, spreadsheets were never intended for putting away tremendous measures of advertising information.

By putting away the entirety of your information in an advertising information distribution center rather, you can quit sitting tight for that beast Excel to load and spare your VLOOKUP a good time for littler datasets.

Reason 3: Get Immediate Access to All the Historical Data You’ve Ever Dreamed of

Talking about the entirety of your information…

Advertising stages have this irritating propensity for just putting away a X measure of chronicled information. What’s more, to exacerbate the situation, contingent upon the stage, X can mean anything from months to years.

As it were, by depending on local investigation interfaces for information stockpiling, you’re gambling losing it for good.

With Supermetrics and your preferred information stockroom supplier, you can ensure all the chronicled information you need is in one spot, prepared for some genuine verifiable cross-channel investigation at whatever point you need it.

All things considered, what better approach to reveal some concealed patterns than taking a gander at connections inside a more extended timespan?

Reason 4: Access a Deeper Level of Insights

Be cautioned here that not all information pipelines are made equivalent.

As Eddie and his group at Inseev immediately saw, not every person pays attention to information granularity as we do at Supermetrics:

“We took a stab at utilizing Stitch Data, Blendo, and others, yet we found that the patterns they offered didn’t have connectors to all the stages we required. Also, when they had the connectors we needed, they didn’t have the granularity we were searching for.”

Word from the savvy (i.e., Eddie): When you’re trying various arrangements, make a point to give close consideration to information granularity. All things considered, you’ll need your information stockroom to store the entirety of your advertising information, not only some of it.

Reason 5: Spend Less Time on Reporting and More Time on What Matters

Announcing can be a tremendous time-suck for advertisers. Actually, the Inseev Interactive group reports that they’ve figured out how to spare hundreds, if not thousands, of hours with Supermetrics.

By and large, Supermetrics spares our clients 53% of the time they used to spend on physically constructing reports.

That is hours consistently that they can put towards examining the numbers, streamlining their crusades, and settling on better choices dependent on precise information.

Reason 6: Get Serious About Data Security

Keeping your advertising and client information sheltered and secure ought to be a need.

That is the reason when you’re picking an information distribution center accomplice and an information move arrangement, you’ll need to painstakingly vet the other options.

At Supermetrics, we never store your information during the exchange (since we accept that is the thing that your promoting information distribution center is for).

Rather, we encode it at the source and unscramble it at the goal, making it essentially incomprehensible for anybody to capture.

Prepared to Join the 1%?

In case you’re burning through an excessive amount of time on manual revealing, in case you’re tired of siloed information, or potentially in case you’re prepared to state buh-bye to duplicate/glue, an advertising information stockroom may very well be the correct answer for you.

Start your free 14-day preliminary of Supermetrics for BigQuery to perceive how you can smooth out your information moves into an information distribution center.

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