Bing for Tool Audits Sites For SEO Issues

Bing’s new Site Scan device gives site proprietors a simple method to check for specialized issues that might be contrarily affecting execution in web crawlers.

Bing is propelling Site Scan as a move up to Bing Webmaster Tools, making it advantageous to get to the instrument nearby other information that can help with improving website execution.

Fixing issues found by Bing’s Site Scan apparatus can help make sites more web index inviting and easy to use.

Here’s the way to use this new apparatus from Bing to check your site for specialized SEO issues.

Utilizing Bing’s Site Scan Tool

To begin another output, sign into Bing Webmaster Tools and snap on the new Site Scan highlight.

You will see a screen that resembles the one beneath. Underneath the screen capture you’ll see directions on the most proficient method to round out the structure.

Here’s the way to round out every one of the fields you see above.

Output Name: Enter a one of a kind and coherent name for your sweep.

Extension: Scope decides the limits of the output.

Site: The apparatus will creep your site simply like Bingbot does.

Sitemap: Choose this choice on the off chance that you need to filter a particular sitemap.

URL List: Choose this choice on the off chance that you need to filter a rundown of explicit URLs.

Limit sweep to: Enter the most extreme number of pages to be examined. You can slither up to 10,000 pages for every month.

Correspondence: Choose whether you need refreshes from the output sent to your email address.

Propelled Settings:

Max Scan Depth: Only creep pages inside the predefined number of snaps from the beginning page.

Creeping speed (urls every second): Specify the most extreme number of pages to be crept every second.

URL parameters to be disregarded: Inform Bing about URL parameters that can be overlooked so as to abstain from creeping a similar page on various occasions.

Disregard Robots.txt: Bypass Robot.txt orders and creep the URLs with no limitations.

Bing exhorts being cautious with setting the slithering velocity for a sweep, as a higher speed may hinder a site and effect guests.

Perusing the Report

At the point when the output is finished, Bing will give a report containing the subtleties of what was found during the sweep.

The output subtleties page incorporates data, for example,

Output Status

Number of pages filtered

Number of Errors

Number of Warnings

Rundown of issues found, their seriousness and the quantity of pages influenced

Issues distinguished during the output are gathered into three classifications and recorded arranged by seriousness.

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