For some time, I was looking for a digital marketing internship or some sort of a course to learn how to work with digital marketing strategies. There are plenty of them, and good quality is usually not guaranteed. Also, they were either very expensive or very demanding, so I had no opportunity to attend their offices regularly.

So, I was happy to find the Digital Deepak Internship Program created to make an expert digital marketer even for people with absolutely no marketing background. I enjoyed that this digital marketing internship program is remote, and it was very convenient for me.

Digital Deepak Internship Program is for three months. After my application had been considered, I received an email where I was informed that my candidacy for expert digital marketer batch was approved. Then I was invited to a webinar, explaining the digital marketing internship program in all the details. Also, I was able to ask any questions, and Deepak Kanakaraju aka Digital Deepak was providing detailed answers.

I discovered that there were almost 500+ students in our batch, and all of us were able to have enough practice and to work a lot with our mentors’ guidance in form of weekly assignments. As I’ve mentioned before, I was able to study from home, and it took me around two hours a day to do all the necessary work with digital marketing strategies for only two hours per day, so I had enough time for personal life. But, of course, I was studying more than that to become a real expert digital marketer.

My digital marketing internship was composed in a very convenient way. The entire program is totally for 12 weeks and consist of 10 assignments. As you can see, I had more than enough time to practice and get familiar with digital marketing techniques. Several times we were working as a group on some assignments helping each other with all the co interns of my batch, and it is indeed a great experience. That’s how I’ve got several new friends now, by the way 🙂

OK, back to the courses. Once a week, we have a video conferencing call/webinar. During it, our mentors brief on new technique’s and assignments were assigned weekly and also results of the assignment were shared, pointing at what had been done right, and where we had done wrong and how to fix it. I think it is very important for an expert digital marketer not only to know the problem but to know how to get things done in the right way. Not only the assignments are reviewed weekly but we EARN also from these assignments weekly if successfully completed within deadline as assigned during weekly webinars.

So, after these twelve weeks and 10 assignments fulfillment, Deepak Kanakaraju our mentor aka Digital Deepak would arrange a Graduation Party! Isn’t it exciting you would not only Learn-Do- Teach but also graduate and would get Certificate post completion of the Digital Marketing Internship Program and mastering all those digital marketing techniques you would be JOB ready!

As in today’s world, most of the companies ask for experiences. As here we are more focused on practical knowledge and we implement on our live projects, we gain a lot of experience which makes our Resume different from others which results in more job opportunities as you stood out different from others.

I’m very happy that I’ve decided to participate in the digital marketing internship by Digital Deepak because now I’ve more clarity on the digital marketing strategies and post completion of the program will be fully ready for a JOB, or a Freelancer or a Digital Marketing Consultant or grow my business online with these digital marketing techniques! Thank you, Deepak Kanakaraju, and all the rest of you, guys, from Digital Deepak!

Do you want to change your life? Do you want to get a job where you can show your talents as an expert digital marketer? Do you want to make money? Then participate in the Digital Deepak internship program Batch – 2 now!

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