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Master The 11 Crucial Skills of Digital Marketing


Become The Digital Marketing Expert Businesses Need & Want To Hire

The Digital Marketing World is all set to bloom.

This will create a plethora of job opportunities in the coming years.

Businesses have started their search from now onwards.

They are hunting for people proficient in Digital Marketing.

This would include:

People who know about SEO.

People who know about Adwords.

People who understand Social Media Marketing.

People who know about Content Marketing.

People who can generate traffic.

People who can generate ROI and conversions.

People who can improve website ranks.

You can be one among them only when you become a good digital marketer.

And for this, you need to acquire rich experience in this field.

You need to master your skills to compete in the Digital Marketing sphere.

This emphasis on digital marketing has increased in the past few years.

The reason for this is the advancement of digital platforms.

This has led to the dependence of businesses on digital marketing.

Today, businesses cannot sustain without SEO or Content Strategy or Adwords.

So, they need people who can provide assistance in:

  • SEO – to generate traffic.
  • Adwords – to get relevant keywords as per the search of visitors and figure out the correct content match for the keywords.
  • Blogging – to obtain a cult status and reputation.
  • Email Marketing – to develop relationships with the audience and foster the leads.
  • Social Media – to directly communicate with the customers and audience.
  • Facebook Ads – to broaden their message and audience reach.

All of these act as marketing mix strategies and are required to generate maximum traffic, conversions, and traffic.

And businesses are strenuously looking for people who excel in them.

Gone are the days of traditional marketing when just a few tactics and strategies used to be sufficient for surviving in the industry.

Now, with the advent of technology, numerous businesses have emerged on the digital medium.

This has led to fierce competition among businesses on the digital platform.

Each one of them is trying to outperform the other through innovative digital marketing strategies.

Having a strong digital marketing strategy has become a requisite for any organisation in achieving success.

And this is not the end yet.

In today’s world, having just an overview of digital marketing won’t make any difference to the marketing strategy of a company.

To become a thorough expert and make your company achieve everyday strides in the digital marketing world, you need to have in-depth knowledge.

Just knowing about on-page and off-page optimisation would not help.

You should know:

  • The perfect way to use blogging in order to seize the long-tail traffic.

This long-tail traffic is the future of digital marketing and you cannot afford to miss this.

  • The correct manner to make the best out of social media in fostering credibility and developing trust for converting the organic traffic in a better than before.

A credible reputation and improved trust would result in better rankings, which would eventually lead to better conversions.

  • The best means to leverage content marketing to become supreme, stick on the top of the minds of consumers, and obtain maximum backlinks.

Without quality content, you cannot expect to get quality backlinks.

  • The means to apply the best UX practices to amplify the rate of conversions.

The best UX practices would mean the website is ready to be displayed on mobile phones. If it does not happen so, the SEO of your company could be affected adversely.

The list is long.

Every business is looking for a digital marketing expert who can adapt to the everyday changes in this sphere.

Hence, they need to come up with flexible marketing strategies instantly.

Without this, no company can sustain for long in the digital marketing space.

You need to note one more thing here.

Automation is surely going to take up the online space and possibly your jobs.

To avoid any such situation, you must be fully updated with the transformations going around in the digital marketing world.

You need to acquire skills and emerge to become an expert in the same.

If you also want to become such an expert, you are definitely on the right page.

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Your instructor Deepak Kanakaraju is a passionate digital marketer. (And a biker boy too!).

He has been in the digital marketing industry since 2008. He writes about digital marketing on his blog and also a columnist at and YourStory.

His first startup was an online motorcycle publication called BikeAdvice, which eventually became the No.1 motorcycle blog in India with 1,00,000+ followers and 1 Million+ page views per month.

He had an exit from BikeAdvice in 2012.After that, He has worked as digital marketing manager in start-ups like Exotel, Practo, Instamojo & Razorpay and he also write, speak and consult on digital marketing.


Digital Marketing Bundle

This bundle is all you need.

Meet all your digital marketing needs with this on-stop solution.

Become the favourite of businesses by mastering the skills of digital marketing through this bundle.

This is the absolute answer to all your questions.

It is that one thing which would prepare you for all the requirements by businesses at any point in time.

To know about this in detail, let us have a deeper insight into what all this bundle has to offer.

Course 1: SEO Mastery [worth ₹1999]

This course would prepare you with everything that is required to become a master in SEO.

You will get to know:

  • The way to excel in Google search console to know about SEO in a better way.
  • The methods to perform on-page optimisation and off-page optimisation.
  • The perfect way to nurture supreme quality backlinks with guest posting.
  • The best way to use SEMRush and Moz tools for conducting SEO analysis.
  • The right way to use Ahrefs to derive fresh content ideas and concepts.
  • The different ways by which branding helps in SEO.
  • The correct manner to conduct Local SEO and use Google My Business.
  • The perfect way to scale search traffic using long-tail keywords. It needs to be noted here that this is the future of digital marketing.
  • The most suitable way to perform an SEO audit.
  • The correct methods to build backlinks.
  • The ways to find blogs for creating backlinks for content writing in SEO.
  • And many more similar things…

This would be an extensive course which would be updated on a regular basis to keep you updated through the new lessons.

You can amplify your knowledge regarding every single topic related to the digital marketing space.

Course 2: Google Ads Mastery [worth ₹1999]

This course entails a huge number of things and would teach you:

  • The correct way to organise your first AdWords campaign.
  • The way to use landing pages and conversion tracking.
  • The perfect methods to conduct Keyword Research. This would involve the different types of Adword Keyword and will teach you the ways to use them.
  • The right manner to use ad scheduling, location targeting, and device targeting.
  • The numerous ad extensions, their benefits, and uses.
  • The method to use negative keywords and the search term report.
  • And more such similar things…

This course would include case studies about how to use search ads. It would also include videos underlining the recent changes brought about by Adwords.

Course 3: Facebook Ads Mastery [worth ₹2999]

This course would teach you numerous things including:

  • The various types of audiences on Facebook.
  • The method to organise facebook pixel.
  • The way to build custom conversions on Facebook.
  • Detailed material on power editor and Ads Manager.
  • The right manner to make use of Facebook lead ads.
  • The methods to run events and event response ads.
  • And more such similar things…

This course would involve case studies covering the campaign setups and emphasis would also put upon the changes in Facebook Ads.

Course 4: Email Marketing Mastery [worth ₹3999]

Just like the previous mentioned courses, this course has a lot to offer you such as:

  • Teaching you to generate your email list.
  • Teaching you to collect leads with the help of landing pages.
  • Teaching you to merge the leads with any email tool.
  • Teaching you to track any subscriber activity in your CRM.
  • Teaching you to merge payment gateway with email tool.
  • Teaching you to develop Facebook Ads for lead generation.
  • Teaching you to develop email workflows with the decision trees.
  • Teaching you to use Amazon SES for sending emails.
  • And more such similar things…

This course would include videos on how we are using email workflows for a SaaS product and using behaviour based sales automation.

Course 5: Social Media Mastery [worth ₹2999]

Through this extensive course you will:

  • Know the right way to deliver customer service on social media.
  • Understand the best Facebook marketing practices. By doing this, you will get to know the do’s and don’ts of this type of marketing.
  • Know to select the most suitable social media platform for your company.
  • Understand the right way to conduct social media competitor analysis.
  • Learn how to grow and sustain a facebook group.
  • Come across 10 social media metrics that you must measure.
  • Learn about the 10 most crucial social media tools.
  • And more such similar things…

In this course, a large number of videos would be added including case studies and walkthroughs.

Course 6: Affiliate Marketing Mastery [worth ₹1999]

Unlike the above mentioned courses, this course is concerned upon assisting you to yield passive income with the help of the digital marketing skills that you would have obtained from the other courses.

Through this course, you will get to learn:

  • The method to organise your first niche website. This may include walkthroughs, tutorials, and checklists.
  • The correct way to get accepted by any integrated network.
  • The right ways to discover profitable and integrated products. This may include both physical and digital products.
  • Quick and efficient content creation techniques and strategies.
  • Different affiliate marketing tools to develop into super affiliates.
  • The method to generate high converting squeeze pages and seize email ids.
  • Different efficient email marketing techniques and strategies to increase your commissions by two times.
  • Various measures to promote affiliate products with the help of Adwords.
  • And more such similar things…

Course 7: Analytics Mastery [worth ₹1999]

In this must-learn program, you’ll learn

  • How to track, and measure all your paid and organic channels effectively.
  • How to create custom dashboards and reports
  • How to create and leverage different types of reports such as Lifetime Value reports, CoHort reports, and Frequency, Recency & Engagement reports
  • And much more.

Course 8: Content Marketing Mastery [worth ₹1999]

This a brand new course is from the ace content marketing expert and my co-founder Sanjay Shenoy.

This course is focused on solving the 3 major problems that are stopping people from becoming a content marketer or content writer – what to create, how to create, and how to promote.

In this action-focused course, you’ll learn

  • How to come up with content ideas that work and produce results
  • How to research & structure your content without spending days or weeks or sleepless nights
  • How not to sound like a Non-native English writer and write crispier, tighter sentences using simple words
  • How to promote the content and receive tons and tons of traffic to your web properties
  • And more

Course 9: Zapier Mastery Program [worth ₹1999]

This is a brand new program recently launched to the public. What you learn in this program can save you or your company hundreds of dollars in expense because it teaches you how to get things done using Zapier instead of using paid services.

In this practical application course, you’ll learn

  • How to send data from landing pages to Google Sheets 
  • How to capture data from payment gateways and use filters
  • How to send SMS alerts to your audiences using webhooks 
  • How to create an affiliate program with Zapier
  • And more.

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Digital Marketing Mastery Bundle Pro

For the first time ever

You can get all the 9 courses mentioned above.


You can also get below 2 course FREE

100 Day Blogging Course [worth ₹4999]

In this “one of its kind” program, you can learn everything about blogging, from setting up your first ever WordPress blog to using your blog to build your brand, build your email list, improve your search rankings, get more traffic, leads and conversions.


The Product Launch Mastery [worth ₹4999]

In this program, you can learn how to create and launch your first ever information product and become an entrepreneur just like I did.

After all this, when you finally finish with the entire bundle, you would be prepared to match the norms of the extremely new world of demand and opportunity.

Upon completion of the entire bundle, you will be equipped with a high understanding of digital marketing.

From being someone who used to struggle to make a mark in his digital marketing career, you could be the one who would provide all the answers of your company upon digital marketing.

You will be endowed with all those skills which businesses crave for these days.

Hence, you could be the one expert to help businesses increase their traffic, conversion, profit, and sales.

This is how you would grow.

And you can get all these in a very affordable range through our bundle.

If your wondering why to buy this bundle at the given price, the answer is here:

  • This is your one chance to grab an opportunity where you can learn so much without spending huge amounts of money.

So, this is definitely a winning situation for you.

  • By purchasing this bundle, you can acquire lifelong access to every available material and the potential materials to be added in the future.
  • The rates of the independent courses are expected to rise soon in the coming days.

Hence, it is advised here to buy this bundle.

  • This could be your last chance to buy this bundle at the current price.

So, do not miss out on this opportunity and upgrade your digital marketing skills.

  • Here, remember that these courses are not just concepts. Rather, they are prepared completely on the basis of actual experience of doing them.
  • And above all this, you are getting this entire bundle at a very affordable price.

Have you ever come across the price of an offline digital marketing course that covers all these subjects?

It is huge, isn’t it?

Also, it can take you months to complete these courses.

But you do not need to worry anymore.

This comprehensive Digital Marketing Bundle is there for rescue.

Generally these 11 courses are worth INR ₹31,989 this bundle is now available at a price of just INR 5,999.

Yes. You got it right.

But you need to hurry.

This is a one time offer, available for a limited time period.

Hence, do not miss out on this.

Save both your time and money by availing this bundle and emerge out becoming a Digital Marketing expert.

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