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As we continue the learning process of Digital Marketing Journey with the Digital Deepak Internship Program – Class 2, the super charging question from the Expert Deepak Kanakaraju “What are you grateful for today?” at the beginning of the class just makes my day.

We usually spend a lot of my time focusing on what we don’t have, and we forget to be grateful for what we already have. But when Deepak starts the class with this question it helps me to focus on what I already have and I am Grateful for everything I have.

“Practice what you Preach” quote goes so well with our Mentor Deepak

Class 2 started with update on the assignment completion rate of Class 1 being 87% which is massive. The same is because of the positive pressure created through the scoring and rewarding system explained nicely by the phrase used “carrot and stick” as a metaphor.

He advised “Focus on the Class”- Distraction is more harmful to the brain than drugs”

Digital Deepak Internship program is not only an excellent experience in the Digital Marketing Journey but also a complete package

“The Golden Triangle”

When you teach, you understand things in a better way. The Teach step is so important as you grow!!! I also think it is important to note that you don’t have to be a master at something to teach it. You can Learn basics, Do basics, then Teach basics. Teaching, in my opinion, is what really solidifies the knowledge for you AND it gives you confidence in your abilities. Post the 1st Class of Digital Deepak Internship Program many students could write their “First Blog” in itself is an achievement

Then he mentioned the next takeaway “Mistakes are future benefits……the value of which is yet to be realized”.

What do mistakes truly mean? They are an opportunity to learn, to have growth. By examining our mistakes, we can see where we have made errors, and learn to avoid those errors in the future. Sometimes mistakes can even benefit us – forcing us to look at things from an angle we may have never considered before.

There is no 100% perfect way to do anything but practicing solves most of the hindrances. JUST DO IT.

As you all are aware “Marketing is about good communication”. If you are a better communicator you are a better Marketer.Effective Communication is supplementary to marketing. It makes marketing campaign memorable and develops an emotional link between the marketer. Its how you directly talk to the Customer.

……Our Mentor here advised Practice……

Learn how you are communicating and whom are you communicating too

  • 1:1 – with friends, family, colleagues, acquaintance’s
  • 1: 100/1000/many – super power (communication)

It’s a complete blend of Marketing Communication, Technology & off course arrive at Digital Marketing.

Then came another takeaway from the session “Be authentic is the best way to communicate better”

  • People are tired of fake people with social personas
  • Everyone is attracted to someone real
  • Always communicate as you are talking to your close friend
  • Just be yourself

Being Authentic is Better Communicator; Not just Better Marketer but Better Communicator

As we are in the Digital Marketing Internship program career journey

  • Practice being authentic
  • Be the person whom people like
  • Marketing is the angle of communication – to attract people
  • Draw/Write emails on life/ personal experience (New Idea/Concept) – more life experiences are generally better marketer

Who is a better Marketer?

  • Solo Traveller
  • Learn new skills/ languages
  • Whatever you fear? You need to explore that first
  • What worst can happen, overcome your fear
  • Fluid communication we know them well – our friends from school, college & family

If we need to know are customers better, who is our audience?

You know this, and it’s easy to say, but you’re going to need the right tools to put that into action. That’s where customer avatars come in.

  • Who is the exact audience we have?
  • Talk to bunch of people – boil it down to single person
  • Define Target Customer – To Communicate Better
  • How to Define the Target Customer
    • Demographic information, such as gender, age, familial and marital status, income, education, and occupation
    • Psychographics, such as social class, lifestyle, and personality traits.
  • Write to 1 single customer
  • Connect with 1:1 conversation in spite of having a larger audience as everyone is alone with their device (Mobile, Laptop, Desktop, etc)
  • Join conversation people already having
  • Email/SMS is more powerful than social media
  • Make your Headline so good that your customer goes to the First Sentence and then the second and so on …

My Customer Avatar

Finally, with this inspiring class 2 session I have tried my best to portray Customer Avatar for my niche “Data Science Facts” as follows

Customer Avatar Name: Mr. Data Scientist

Background: Bachelor in Mathematics & Statistics

Demographics: Age- 30 – 45

Identifiers: Loves Data Visualization, Story Telling, Coding Skills, Programming Skills, Travelling, Introvert

Life Philosophy: “Do not mind anything that anyone tells you about anyone else. Judge everyone and everything for yourself”. – Henry James

Survey Link:

Final Take Away before closing the session 2 from the Experts

“Awkwardness is an indicator of learning”

Don’t run away from embarrassing moments – they can be great opportunities for learning and connection.

I am a content writing expert but this internship program is definitely helping me to improve the same step by step I must say

Eagerly awaited Class 3 @

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